Exam Format

Exam Format - Advanced Level

Advanced Certificate examinations are based on the Advanced Level Syllabus and the Foundation Level Syllabus.
These documents can be downloaded from our: Downloads Page

Further information can be found on the ISTQB website

The UKTB adheres to the ISTQB examination guidelines prepared by the ISTQB,
which were written to ensure consistency and fairness across the ISTQB National Boards and Examination Providers.

Candidates are required to sit a 3 hour, multiple choice, 65-question examination designed
to evaluate a candidate's knowledge and understanding of the Advanced Level syllabus.
Candidates are required to achieve a pass mark of 65%.

Topics within the Advanced syllabus have been categorized by learning objective,
defining the level of knowledge a candidate must display for each topic.

The three categories are as follows:

K2 - understand, explain, give reasons, compare, classify, summarize;

K3 - apply in a specific context;

K4 - analyze to solve a problem or task

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