Special Initiatives


  • ISTQB® has launched the ISTQB® International Software Testing Excellence Award, an annual prize given to somebody who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of software quality, through professional practice, innovation, or research
  • Anyone can nominate a potential winner of the "ISTQB® International Software Testing Excellence Award” by filling in the Nomination Form available on the ISTQB® website


  • The winner of the Award is selected for having contributed to:
    • Increasing public awareness for the importance of software quality and testing
    • Publishing research findings in the field of software quality and testing
    • Promoting further education in software quality and testing
    • Supporting the creation of standards and recommended practices in the area of software quality and testing
    • Giving new energy to the improvement of software development and testing processes


  • ISTQB® has created the ISTQB® Conference Network to promote the annual events around the world related to ISTQB®
  • These events have to:
    • Be focused on Testing and Quality
    • Be organized or recognized by an ISTQB® Member Board or by the ISTQB® Marketing Working Group
  • Recognition is based on the following criteria:
    • The event must have an open and public call for papers
    • The selection of presentations must be performed by an independent program committee comprising several people
    • The  event should offer at least a 20% discount to ISTQB® Certificate Holders
    • The program should include at least one official ISTQB® speech made by an ISTQB® representative or a representative of the National Board of that region (as agreed with ISTQB®); This speech should be delivered in a keynote slot
    • During the conference, there must be the possibility of running ISTQB® Surveys.


  • ISTQB® created the “ISTQB® Recognized APP” in order to promote those applications that are based on ISTQB® referenced information
  • Any person or entity can apply to have an ISTQB® recognized App and, before receiving the “ISTQB® recognized App” logo, the App will be reviewed by the ISTQB® that will check the following criteria (all of them are mandatory):
    • The App shall have a reference to the ISTQB® website as well as all to the ISTQB® social media;
    • If the App makes usage of ISTQB® publicly available info (e.g.: glossary, syllabi) the provider shall keep them aligned with the latest official version issued by ISTQB® (for the English version) of by the ISTQB® Member Boards (in case of local translations); The App shall not have reference to any scheme competitive to ISTQB®;
    • The App can use the specific ISTQB® recognized App logo that will be provided after successful validation; it cannot use any other ISTQB® logos, unless specifically agreed and approved by ISTQB®;
    • The App must be available for download free of charge;
    • The App shall have at least one English version.

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