1. What is the ISTQB Certified Tester Scheme?

This is an international qualification scheme specifically for software and system testing professionals.
See the Certification page for an overview of both the ISTQB and ISEB schemes.


2. What is the ISEB Qualification Portfolio?

The British Computer Society's portfolio offers qualifications in four areas including Software Development and Delivery,
this area comprising two segments: Systems Delivery and Software Testing.


3. Is the Foundation Certificate an ISTQB or ISEB qualification?

This is the entry level qualification for software testers in both the ISTQB Certified Tester Scheme and the ISEB Qualification Portfolio.
Courses and exams are derived from the ISTQB syllabus.
The multiple choice exam has questions set from K1 to K4 level [Remember, Understand, and Apply].

4. Where can I find details of UK public exam dates and exam fees for the ISTQB Foundation Certificate?

ISEB provides examinations for this qualification in the UK on behalf of the ISTQB, and further details can be found at:



5. Where can I find details of course providers should I wish to attend an accredited ISTQB Accredited Training Provider course?

ISEB accredits training providers for this qualification in the UK on behalf of the ISTQB, and further details can be found at:




6. How can I sit the ISTQB Foundation and Advanced Certificate exam on dates other than ISEB public exam dates and/or at other testing centres?

PROMETRIC provides the foundation exam in computer based format. The related area of its website can be found on the:

Prometric Website

and at Pearson Vue provide  ISTQB Foundation exams. The related area of its website can be found at:


7. Do testers need to take the ISEB Intermediate Certificate?

There is no requirement for anyone wishing to take the ISTQB Advanced exams to have taken the ISEB Intermediate Certificate, it is an optional step which some testers may find helpful in reaching the knowledge required to pass the ISTQB Advanced exams.



8. How are ISEB Practitioner Certificates recognised by the ISTQB?

ISEB Practitioner certificates earned by passing an exam taken no later than March 31, 2008 [i.e., under the original Practitioner programme]
are treated as equivalent to the Advanced Test Manager, Advanced Test Analyst, and Advanced Technical Test Analyst certificates
earned by passing exams against the Advanced Syllabus 2007.

Please refer to the full statement in pages 3-4 of the: Advanced Syllabus 2007 Release Plan


9. How are the ISTQB Advanced examined?

As with the ISEB Intermediate level, the ISTQB Advanced level is examined by multiple choice,
is mainly scenario based, and includes analytical questions at K4 level.
The ISEB Practitioner exams are essay based, and have questions at K5 and K6 level [Synthesise and Evaluate].


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